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Commonly Treated Conditions

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Neck pain
Shoulder pain
Elbow pain
Wrist pain
Low back pain
Hip pain
Knee pain
Ankle pain
Foot pain
Chronic pain syndrome
Ligament injuries
Dr. Anna Caldwell | Physical Therapy | Sun Valley, Idaho

Expert Diagnosis

We take a comprehensive approach, first focusing on the main area of concern, but also incorporating and evaluating surrounding body regions for a thorough examination. Throughout a care plan we use test and re-test methodology to determine the course of treatment and appropriate adjustments to achieve the most efficient and effective outcome.

Exercise and Manual Therapy

Together, the patient and provider develop a plan to include a variety of treatments. Treatment may include manual therapy techniques to address limitations in joint mobility and muscle tightness. We also use a wide range of therapeutic exercise prescriptions and progression. We initially focus on specific muscle activation and coordination then move forward to functional and recreation-specific training techniques.
Ultimately, the goal is for each individual to develop an extensive understanding of their movement patterns for optimal performance and function in life and fun.
Dr. Anna Caldwell | Physical Therapy | Sun Valley, Idaho
Dr. Anna Caldwell | Physical Therapy | Sun Valley, Idaho

Functional Dry Needling

is a specialized treatment method using thin monofilament needles directed into a trigger point. This then causes a twitch response which helps to decrease muscle tightness and pain through the biochemical and mechanical changes within the muscle fiber. Following treatment at the trigger point, muscle activation exercise will be used to aid in returning the muscle to normal function.

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